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We can move your house away from expensive fossil fuels and into the world of inexpensive, renewable energy. Trust Michigan’s premier installer and servicer of wood stoves to keep your house warm and cozy throughout the winter months. Your wood stove, insert, or fireplace from H2oasis will keep you warm and content!



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Wood Fireplaces


While alternative fuel-burning fireplaces are gaining in popularity, wood fireplaces continue to be advantageous in a variety of situations. Wood fireplaces are ideal alternatives to natural gas or propane heaters, particularly in locations with harsh winters, due to their ability to provide heat at a low cost. Using some of the best fireplaces on the market can result in a decrease in your energy cost.

Wood Inserts

Wood-burning fireplace inserts provide the most natural atmosphere among the numerous types of fireplace inserts available. In contrast to open fireplaces, the most efficient wood-burning fireplace inserts are typically equipped with a range of features that make them almost as convenient to use as gas or electric versions. It has little environmental effect, which is another plus. Whether or whether you chop your own wood, it is a sustainable, natural heat source.

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Wood Stoves

In colder areas, wood-burning stoves provide a safe and effective source of heat, as well as a cozy, rustic ambiance for the house, cabin, or campsite. Depending on your heating needs, they may also be much less costly than your existing heating system.


All Products include…

Natural Focal Point

A wood-burning fireplace serves as a natural focal point. When your family gathers in the living room, the wood-burning fireplace will likely be the center point.

Increased Home Vaule

When selling a home with a wood-burning fireplace, you may get better offers.

Cheaper Utility Bills During the Winter

If your home has a wood-burning fireplace, you may see reduced energy costs throughout the winter.

Pleasant Aroma

A wood-burning fireplace has a pleasant and distinctive aroma that the majority of people love. There is no aroma equal to that of a wood-burning fireplace.

Natural Lighting

A wood-burning fireplace provides a pleasing ambiance. The beauty of a wood-burning fire is unparalleled.

Environmentally Friendly

You may rest assured that wood-burning fireplaces are environmentally friendly.

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