Travis – 50K Tempest Lantern

  • 50,000 BTU’s
  • Vitrified glass (easy removal for cleaning)
  • Strong stainless steel frame and burner
  • Automatic gas shutoff in the event that the flame goes out Simple control panel

The 50K Tempest LanternTM is a spectacular gas torch that breaks the boundaries of conventional gas torch design. Their innovative design incorporates a spiraling flame that dances within walls of tempered glass. This natural venturi effect of a moving fire is produced without electricity or a fan. The Tempest LanternTM was created as an outdoor lighting fixture for a variety of outside locations and applications. It is intended to provide the highest level of illumination improvement.

Additional Product Features

  • Greater by 40% than the 20K Tempest LanternTM

• Without using electricity or a fan, the innovative design produces a natural venturi effect of fire.

• Equipped with an all-climate 24V AC Hot ShotTM electronic ignition system

• Natural gas or propane models

• Installation options include Wall Mount, Post Mount, Deck Mount, and Pillar Mount

• Install up to six lanterns per transformer and five transformers per 15-amp, 120-volt circuit. This allows you to connect up to 30 lanterns to a single circuit.

  • An automatic gas shutdown is included as an extra safety feature.

• Burner and durable stainless steel frame.

• Constructed of stainless steel with a high-temperature black powder-coated frame and cap, and tempered glass.

• Maximum BTU Input: 50,000 (NG), 45,000 (LP)

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