Stoll – ZC Premium Bar Iron Fireplace Doors

  • Main Frame: 3/16″ Bar Iron
  • Frame Width: 2″
  • Frame Depth: Flat Fit
  • ZC Venting: Air Gap on Side
  • Gaps in Glass
  • Powder Coat, Overlay and Premium Finishes
  • Custom 4 -6 Week Production

Stoll offers high quality Glass Doors for Zero Clearance (ZC) Fireplaces as an upgrade replacement to OEM doors or screens and is known for its quality, style, and durability. With five Collections to choose from, there are limitless ways to replace your stock “factory-built” doors with a top-quality fireplace enclosure.

These ZC doors offer the same features and design options as our renowned masonry fireplace doors, with one essential addition. ZC Fireplaces require an air exchange between the “inner” firebox and “outer” cabinet to keep all surfaces cool against the walls of your home. Each Collection is specially made to fit your brand of the manufactured fireplace, with proper “airflow” provided in various ways to ensure our doors meet all ventilation requirements of the manufacturer.

Premium Bar is a sturdy, sophisticated look, with its ¼” bar iron frame. Each door is custom made, so let your imagination be your guide. Airflow is provided with special spacers on the back of the mainframe, allowing the door to overlap the opening for the look of a masonry door.


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