Quadra-Fire- Garnet Gas Stove


  • 14,500 BTUs—single heat setting
  • 8-3/4″W x 11-1/8″H glass size
  • Conserves energy and operates during a power outage with the IntelliFire Ignition System
  • Open style front




The Quadra-Fire Garnet Gas Stove is small in size, but big on performance. With 14,000 BTU’s and 97 sq. in. in viewing area it’s the perfect option for your bedroom, den or dining room. This small gas-burning stove is designed to heat the area you’re in—maximizing your comfort while decreasing your heating bill.  A variable speed blower comes standard and you have your choice of 2 different style remotes, a programmable thermostat or mechanical thermostat.


Get maximum heat and high efficiencies with the Quadra-Fire Direct Vent technology system, delivering performance you can see. No need to light a pilot on the Topaz, Sapphire and Garnet gas stoves. Our IntelliFire ignition system allows you to push a button and enjoy the heat and control your room temperature with an optional wireless thermostat. The Hudson Bay includes a standing pilot that works without power, and an optional wireless remote lets you control room temperature.


The IntelliFire Plus Ignition System (IPI Plus) is an advanced intermittent pilot ignition system with memory settings. IPI Plus constantly monitors ignition, ensures safe functioning and conserves up to $10/month in energy costs. The IntelliFireTM Plus intermittent pilot ignition system comes
with a battery backup system that enables the system to operate in a power outage. The system offers seamless transition from household AC power to battery backup. A factory-installed battery pack is located in the control cavity of the appliance.


Direct vent gas stoves remove 100% of combustion exhaust and fumes outside of the home. These sealed gas stoves provide optimal heat, conserve energy and ensure clean, safe indoor air quality.

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