Green Mountain Grills – Peak Prime 2.0

Presenting the Green Mountain Grill Peak Prime 2.0, grill aficionados’ ideal outside cooking solution. Modern pellet grill with strong stainless-steel construction for durability and heat retention, together with sophisticated Wi-Fi Smart Control that lets you check and change temperatures from your smartphone. With so many cooking choices—smoking, roasting, baking, and searing—the Peak Prime 2.0 guarantees that every meal is a gourmet masterpiece. Creating gourmet meals while enjoying the great outdoors is made easier with its low maintenance, effective pellet use, and environmentally friendly design. Experience grilling like never before with the Peak Prime 2.0.

Green Mountain Grills Peak Prime 2.0 at H2Oasis

The Green Mountain Grill Peak Prime 2.0 is the pinnacle of outdoor culinary innovation. Welcome. This state-of-the-art pellet grill is designed to offer an unparalleled grilling experience by seamlessly integrating advanced technology, superior craftsmanship, and user-friendly features. It is appropriate for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned grill experts. The Peak Prime 2.0 ensures that each entrée is a culinary masterpiece, irrespective of whether it is prepared through cooking, smoking, roasting, baking, searing, or barbecuing.


Unparalleled Precision and Control

The Peak Prime 2.0 is fundamentally comprised of its advanced Wi-Fi Smart Control. This user-friendly system enables you to monitor and regulate the temperature of your grill from your smartphone or tablet. The GMG app enables users to establish precise temperatures, generate personalized culinary profiles, and receive real-time notifications. Also, this level of control guarantees that your food is cooked to precision, regardless of whether you are slow-smoking ribs or searing steaks.

Durable Construction and Design

Crafted from premium materials, the Peak Prime 2.0 features a robust stainless-steel body that is both visually appealing and enduring. The durable construction guarantees longevity and optimizes heat retention and distribution, resulting in consistent culinary outcomes. The grill’s practical features, including heavy-duty locking casters and sturdy folding shelves, compliment its sleek, modern design, rendering it a versatile addition to any outdoor space.

Exceptional Cooking Capabilities
The Peak Prime 2.0 is designed to provide optimal temperature control by employing a high-torque auger and a powerful motor to ensure precise pellet delivery. Its expansive cooking surface, which is equipped with dual meat probes, enables you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously, making it effortless to accommodate large gatherings. Additionally, the grill is equipped with a venturi-style firebox, which generates a cyclone flame that guarantees uniform heat distribution, minimizes hot areas, and improves flavor.

Convenience and Versatility
This barbecue is not exclusively designed for traditional barbecuing; its adaptability enables you to investigate a diverse array of cooking techniques. The innovative design and consistent temperature control of the Peak Prime 2.0 enable it to bake bread, roast vegetables, smoke cheese, and even cook pizza. Switching between cooking modes is effortless with the digital controller, allowing you to impress your visitors with a diverse selection of gourmet dishes.


Efficiency that is environmentally friendly
The Peak Prime 2.0 is a testament to the commitment of Green Mountain Grills to sustainability. The grill utilizes wood pellets, a renewable energy source that mitigates your carbon footprint. The environmentally conscious choice for eco-friendly grilling devotees is made possible by the efficient pellet consumption, which guarantees that each bag is utilized to the fullest.

Simple Upkeep
Maintaining the peak performance of your Peak Prime 2.0 is effortless. The grill is equipped with a grease management system that simplifies cleanup and a convenient ash cleanout system, enabling you to spend more time savoring your meal and less time on maintenance. Moreover, your grill will perform flawlessly for years to come, thanks to the durable stainless-steel components that are both rust-resistant and simple to clean.

Warranty and Customer Service
The Peak Prime 2.0 is backed by a comprehensive warranty and exceptional customer service from Green Mountain Grills. If you have any concerns or encounter any issues with your grill, their support team is prepared to provide you with the necessary assistance. Peace of mind and confidence in your investment are provided by the warranty, which encompasses critical components.

In conclusion,
The Peak Prime 2.0 from Green Mountain Grill is not merely a grill; it is a comprehensive outdoor culinary solution. It transforms every meal into a gourmet experience with its sophisticated technology, superior build quality, and versatile cooking capabilities. The Peak Prime 2.0 enables you to elevate your grilling skills and generate unforgettable culinary experiences, regardless of whether you are a professional chef or a weekend adventurer. Experience the future of outdoor cookery with the Green Mountain Grill Peak Prime 2.0.


RACKT™ Technology
SideBURN™ Infrared Searing Station
AC + DC Dual Power Versatility
WiFi Smart Control
Rounded/Peaked Hybrid Chamber Design
Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Enabled
BBQ Rotisserie Enabled
Grilling Light
Accessory Side Shelf
150°-550°F Temp Range
Dual Meat Probes
USB Charging Port
Bottle Opener



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