Fireplace Xtrordinair – 4415 HO See-Thru Gas Fireplace

  • Viewing Area: Ceramic Glass, 42 1/8″ W x 13″ H x 2 sides, 1088 Sq. In.
  • Heating Capacity Up to 2,100 Sq. Feet
  • Minimum BTU Input 21,672 (NG) BTU’s / Hour; 21,413 (LP) BTU’s / Hour

The 4415 HO See-Thru gas fireplace represents Fireplace X’s most transitional and modern linear gas fireplace yet, offering the best in home heating and style but with double the fire view. This contemporary gas fireplace features a sleek “clean face” linear profile with a long row of dancing flames over a bed of glowing, under-lit crushed glass. The 4415 HO See-Thru gas fireplace’s dynamic design gives you double the firepower and is perfect for a stylish viewing window between two rooms or provides a breathtaking display of fire in the center of large rooms and living spaces. The 4415 HO See-Thru gas fireplace is also an impressively high-output heater with 42,000 BTUs that features a built-in 180 CFM fan, which helps you heat up to 2,100 square feet. The GreenSmart remote control is included with the 4415 See-Thru gas fireplace and allows you to control virtually every component of this fully loaded unit.

The 4415 See-Thru linear gas fireplace is truly the most exceptional see-thru gas fireplace available in all areas of construction, quality, and safety features. This gas fireplace is built with superior craftsmanship and exceptionally high standards. From the heavy-duty welded 14-gauge steel fireplace body to the durable welded frame surrounding the ceramic glass, you can see the level of quality in our materials and workmanship. Installed over the high-clarity glass is a nearly invisible 2015 ANSI-compliant safety screen.

4415 HO See-Thru Gas Fireplace Optional accessories include:

Power Exhaust Vent Kit: This kit allows you to install our gas fireplaces virtually anywhere in your home by accommodating even the most challenging venting restrictions. This Power Exhaust Vent Kit provides vent runs up to 100 feet or up to 50 feet (either horizontal or vertical) with a maximum of 12 elbows! This option requires electricity to operate your fireplace.

The Power Heat Duct Kit: Allows you to redirect up to 50% of the heat from your fireplace into two additional rooms, as long as they are within 20 feet of the fireplace.  It is perfect when you want to enjoy your bold and beautiful flames without getting overheated.  The power duct kit allows you to maintain the heat output you desire throughout your home.

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