Dimplex – IgniteXL® Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace

Discover the transformative power of the Dimplex IgniteXL® Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace, where contemporary design, realistic flames, and versatile features combine to create an inviting and elegant focal point in any room.

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IgniteXL® stands out as the most realistic and visually striking electric fireplace available. IgniteXL® conveys the allure and ambiance of a genuine fire with its new, patented flame technology. Edge-to-edge glass provides a panoramic view of the scintillating pyrotechnics from any vantage point. IgniteXL® is suitable for residential or high-rise installations, as it is only 5.5 inches deep and requires no chimney or gas line.

  • Comfort$aver® Heating System – The patented Comfort$aver® ceramic heating system uses 11% less energy than the foremost quartz infrared heater by autonomously adjusting fan speed and heater wattage to match the needs of the room safely and precisely.
  • Color Themes – Select from a variety of vibrant color themes or cycle through a spectrum of hues using the prism mode, pausing on the hue of your choosing.
  • Control 100% of the fireplace’s features from the comfort of your chair using a remote with multiple functions.
  • Heat Boost – Rapidly warms a room by delivering its maximum heat output for a specified period.

4 Different Sizes To Choose From!

50″ 60″ 74″ 100″


      • Modern Linear Design: The IgniteXL® boasts a sleek and contemporary linear design, enhancing the aesthetic of any space.
      • Realistic Flames: Multi-Fire XD® technology creates lifelike flames with customizable colors and speeds, simulating the appearance of a traditional fire.y3n3d76cqsnpmks4bme2 3Rw hxzq zoom
      • Ambient Lighting: Choose from a variety of ambient lighting themes to create the perfect mood.
      • Heat On-Demand: Adjustable heat settings and a heat boost function provide supplemental warmth, ensuring comfort in colder seasons.
      • Easy Installation: As an electric fireplace, no venting or gas lines are required, making installation versatile and hassle-free.
      • Year-Round Operation: Enjoy the ambiance of flames without the heat, allowing for use during all seasons.
      • Remote Control: Use the included remote control or smartphone app to adjust settings conveniently.
      • Low Maintenance: Electric operation eliminates the need for cleaning up ashes or purchasing fuel.
      • Energy Efficiency: Electric fireplaces offer efficient zone heating without energy loss seen in traditional fireplaces.
      • Safety Features: Flame and heat settings are independent, and a cool-to-touch glass front ensures safety, especially for households with children and pets.
      • Design Flexibility: Available in various sizes to suit different spaces, and can be installed in walls, cabinets, or entertainment centers.
      • Diverse Applications: Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or commercial spaces, adding both warmth and ambiance.


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