Dimplex – DLW Series Outdoor/Indoor Radiant Heater

  • Effective radiant heat that warms like the sun, without pollution, for heating people and objects.
  • Silent and trouble-free operation
  • IP 55-rated weatherproof construction permits year-round use.
  • Designed for hardwired permanent installations on a dedicated 240V circuit.

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Blending Contemporary Features with Timeless Design

Elevate your hosting game beyond just tantalizing taste buds. With the Dimplex DLW outdoor/indoor radiant heater, you’re offering an experience that melds warmth, elegance, and functionality. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your patio ambiance or a business owner aiming to provide added comfort to your patrons, the DLW is a perfect fit.

Constructed with versatility in mind, the DLW offers mounting flexibility that few heaters in its class can match. It’s not just restricted to wall fixtures; its innovative design allows for ceiling mounting, ensuring you can maximize your space without compromising on the warmth it delivers. Furthermore, its inclusion of adjustable poles provides users the freedom to dictate the heater’s height, tailoring the heat distribution to the specific needs of the gathering. But the DLW isn’t just about functionality; it’s a style statement. Its sleek design complements modern outdoor and indoor aesthetics, ensuring it doesn’t just warm up space but also adds a touch of sophistication. This makes it an exquisite choice for upscale restaurants, chic cafes, and contemporary homes.

As social events extend late into the night or as seasons transition and temperatures drop, the DLW ensures continuity. No longer will the chill drive guests indoors or cut evenings short. With this high-end outdoor/indoor heater, laughter, conversations, and memories can flow uninterrupted, regardless of the calendar or the clock. The Dimplex DLW radiant heater isn’t just an appliance; it’s an investment in quality moments, enriching social experiences with warmth, style, and uninterrupted enjoyment.


  • Dual Functionality: Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, ensuring versatility for homeowners and business establishments.
  • Radiant Heating: Provides consistent and direct warmth to people and objects, making it ideal for sitting areas and dining spaces.
  • Mounting Versatility: This can be either wall or ceiling-mounted, offering flexibility based on the location’s spatial constraints and aesthetic preferences.
  • Adjustable Poles: These included poles allow for height adjustment of the heater, ensuring optimal heat distribution based on the setup and gathering size.
  • Extend Social Gatherings: Designed to prolong social interactions, this heater is perfect for keeping gatherings warm as they continue late into the night or even into cooler seasons.
  • Sleek Design: The DLW’s modern design ensures that while it adds warmth, it also adds a touch of sophistication to the decor.
  • Ideal for Various Venues: Perfect for homeowners, upscale restaurants, cafes, and other establishments aiming to provide comfort to their patrons or guests.
  • Efficient Heating: Ensures quick and consistent warmth, making it a reliable source of heat for varied spaces.
  • Safety Features: Built with safety in mind, the DLW likely has features that prevent overheating and ensure safe operation indoors and outdoors.
  • Durability: Constructed to withstand the elements, especially if used outdoors, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.dimplex logo

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