Amantii – Symmetry 60-XT Smart Electric Fireplace

  • With a single click of the remote, you can go from Yellow to Orange to Red in this multicolored, state-of-the-art flame display.
  • Ambient Adding a new dimension to the media by illuminating it with 13-color canopy lighting.
  • With a BTU output of up to 5,000, it is capable of heating a room up to 500 square feet.

As a result of the record-breaking height of Symmetry Smart XT, there is now an unprecedented quantity of fire monitoring in the region. Due to its edge-to-edge viewing and lack of invasive heat vents, this series delivers an aesthetic element in addition to the basic fire display and heating functions. This new design features a clean, modern, and unique appearance. WiFi-enabled fireplaces offer the most advanced features for contemporary fireplaces.
Red, yellow, and orange colors are used to embellish the stage.

wifi connectivity icon 100Symmetry 60-XT Smart Electric Fireplace has Wifi connectivity

  • Featurespanorama how heat is generated 1

    • Using the remote control, you may change the color of the flame from yellow to orange to red in a matter of seconds.
    • Ambient Lighting of the material in 13 different colors adds a new level to the experience.
    • Heats an area up to 500 square feet with a BTU output of up to 5000.
    • The wiring is in place and ready to go.
    • Hard-wired thermostats can be purchased.
    • the SYM74, the SYM88, and the XT Smart SYM100 all come from XT Smart There are two heaters.
    • A flame can continue to burn even when there is no heat.
    • Flame, ambient lights, and heater may all be controlled from a single remote control.SYM 50XT NM Y Birch 1200
    • In the hearth’s inner crown, a heater is placed, allowing heat to travel over the glass crown and into the space below
    • The utilization of covert venting allows for a very clean-face aspect.
    • The black surround is required for the fireplace and is included in the purchase price.
    • SYMMETRY-B and SYMMETRY have the same width and depth, but SYMMETRY is taller and deeper.

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