Amantii – Symmetry 100-XT Smart Electric Fireplace

  • In this colorful, state-of-the-art flame display, you may go from Yellow to Orange to Red with only one remote click.
  • Ambient Illuminating the media with 13-color canopy lighting adds a new depth.
  • It can heat a 500-square-foot space with a BTU output of up to 5,000.

As a result of its unprecedented height, the Symmetry Smart XT provides a greater area for watching a fire than ever before. This series enhances the core functions of fire display and heat generation by removing obstructive heat vents and allowing for edge-to-to-edge viewing. The final product is slick, contemporary, and unique. Additionally, the fireplace has built-in WiFi capabilities, making it a cutting-edge piece of home décor.

The fiery red, yellow, and orange flames adorn the presentation don’t disappoint.

Heat output is increased from 120V to 120V, 3000W, or 10,230V for the Symmetry XT-Smart 74″-88″-100″ models.

wifi connectivity icon 100Symmetry 88-XT Smart Electric Fireplace has Wifi connectivity

  • Featurespanorama how heat is generated 1

    • Using the remote control, you may change the color of the flame from yellow to orange to red in a matter of seconds.
    • Ambient Lighting of the material in 13 different colors adds a new level to the experience.
    • Heats an area up to 500 square feet with a BTU output of up to 5000.
    • The wiring is in place and ready to go.
    • Hard-wired thermostats can be purchased.
    • the SYM74, the SYM88, and the XT Smart SYM100 all come from XT Smart There are two heaters.
    • A flame can continue to burn even when there is no heat.
    • Flame, ambient lights, and heater may all be controlled from a single remote control.SYM 50XT NM Y Birch 1200
    • In the hearth’s inner crown, a heater is placed, allowing heat to travel over the glass crown and into the space below
    • The utilization of covert venting allows for a very clean-face aspect.
    • The black surround is required for the fireplace and is included in the purchase price.
    • SYMMETRY-B and SYMMETRY have the same width and depth, but SYMMETRY is taller and more profound.

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