Amantii – 50-TRU-VIEW-SLIM– 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

  • Each type is rated for usage both indoors and outdoors.
  • Very narrow, with a thickness of 3-7/8 inches
  • A modern flame set may shift the flame from classic colors such as yellow and orange to more current hues with a touch of the remote.
  • Can produce up to 5000 BTU of heat, enough to warm an area of 500 square feet.

With the arrival of the Tru-View Slim series, our family has been augmented. With a depth of 3 – 7/8 inches and five sizes to choose from, you can choose an electric fireplace that is ideal for any home, company, or commercial environment. With a depth of just under 4 inches, the Slim is ideal for installations in regions with limited wall depth. The electric fireplaces of the Tru-View-Slim line are designed for installation into a 2 x 4″ wall.

The 50-TRU-VIEIW-SLIM corner fireplace fits perfectly!

The 50-TRU-VIEIW-SLIM has the Amantii Flame presentation with three colors LED light strips that enable a variety of flame color variations.

The Slim model includes a 10-piece log set, charcoal grey fire glass, vermiculite, black fire glass, and a remote as standard equipment.

Customize the aesthetic of the 50-TRU-VIEIW-SLIM further with the Designer Media Kit, which contains a 10-Piece Birch Style Log Set, two shades of genuine fireglass, and two colors of vermiculite.
Additional media options are available for purchase.

Four Installation Choices:

all three sides of the glass are visible.
Left side visible
Right viewable front only for a 14 1/4-inch extra-deep fireplace.

Customize the appearance of the TRU-VIEW further by utilizing the included Designer Media Kit, which includes a Deluxe 11-piece log set, pebbles, black glass, and ICE media. Further media options are available for additional purchase.


  • Every model is rated for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Very thin — 3-7/8 inches in thickness
  • With a click of the remote, a modern FIRE & ICE ® flame set changes the flame from conventional colors such as yellow and orange to more current colors.
  • 2 Level heater
  • Hard-wire capable
  • Ready for thermostat hard-wiring
  • Can generate up to 5000 BTU of heat, sufficient to warm up to 500 square feet.
  • Flame works regardless of heat
  • Flame and heater remote controls
  • 2 flame setups
  • Ambient canopy lighting with thirteen hues illuminates media unlike ever before.


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