Outdoor Fire Features

Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire pits, Fire Tables, and Custom Fire Features

Fire components warm the mood of outdoor living areas. An outdoor flames may bring back a wealth of memories, from the cozy crackle of childhood campfires to the tranquil glow of holiday lanterns lining a path. We include fire into our outdoor living areas in an effort to reproduce these sentiments, which also extends the number of days we may utilize them.



Memories Made

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Outdoor Fireplaces

A fireplace offers more benefits than just indoor warmth. An outdoor gas fireplace will improve your outdoor living area and lengthen the season you can spend thereby providing warmth. Outdoor gas fireplaces offer increased relaxation and comfort without the clutter or bother, whether you like the traditional warmth of a log fire or the contemporary convenience of a gas fireplace. Simply turn on lights with the push of a button or the flick of a switch to instantly improve the atmosphere. These outdoor gas fireplaces are constructed from the same durable stainless steel as our barbecues, which have won numerous awards. They are strong enough to withstand any abuse from the elements without tarnishing.

Fire Pits

There are some times in life that we frequently reflect on and remember, and many of them involve spending time in front of a warm fire. The magnificent outdoors may be enjoyed all year round because of fire pits. After a long day, unwind with a drink of wine, roast marshmallows with the kids, or just lose yourself in the flickering flames. Any outdoor living space may gain elegance, warmth, and light from the addition of a fire bowl or fire pit.. A simple yet beautiful way to beautify your patio or garden is with one of these fire features.

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Fire Tables

Raise the bar for your outdoor entertainment.
The lines and driftwood hue complement any décor because of their beachy, outdoor appeal. Come together and unwind while gazing at the gracefully flowing flames. The safe and fuel-efficient fire tables have a thermocouple valve that shuts off the gas when the flame is stopped, so no gas will be lost if a gust of wind blows out the flame or if you forget to turn it off the gas when you’re through. An aluminum border that is superbly made and long-lasting effectively conceals a gas tank (propane models).

Custom HPC Fire Pits

The technology used in HPC’s product line for individualized flame control ranges from modest match-lit controls to straightforward flame sensor controllers. Remote ignition is made possible via electronic ignition controls. Due to the unique design of our burner/heater, it will automatically start and relight. Stainless steel of the highest quality is used to make the pan assembly. These, such as large manifolds or fire rings of various sizes and forms, are commonly constructed to meet your needs.

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Tempest Torches

The Tempest Torch was created as outdoor furniture and accessories as well as outdoor illumination for a variety of outdoor functions. The display options are essentially endless and include outdoor lighting for living spaces, walkway pillars, installation onto mobile stainless steel columns, atop stone pillars or deck posts, or attached to the façade of any structure for external illumination. The Tempest Torch’s torch technology, which doesn’t require either mechanical or electrical processes, is what makes it novel. The non-powered airflow mechanism’s straightforward application of the Venturi Effect is what gives it its distinctive flame appearance.


All Products include…

Entertain Outdoors

A popular application of outdoor living space is hosting dinner parties and social gatherings. Outdoor spaces are good for socializing.

Reduce levels of stress

Being in nature is one of the most effective ways to enhance health and reduce stress, and outdoor living space offers the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors.

Improve Your Health

Outdoor living spaces have a long history of being used for therapeutic purposes.

Expands Living Area

Combining indoor and outdoor locations is enjoyable. With space for relaxing, cooking, hosting, and admiring nature, you will spend more time outdoors.

Add Value to Your Home

Outdoor living space may increase the value of a home. Outdoor living spaces may appeal to prospective buyers.

Enjoy Your Life

We will explore how to personalize an outdoor living space according to your lifestyle choices.

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