What is a Custom Outdoor Kitchen?

A custom outdoor kitchen is designed and built as a permanent improvement to the yard. It typically has a tall masonry base that sits on a solid, steel-reinforced cement footing. The base includes cabinetry and may include appliances such as a mini-refrigerator. A countertop caps the base, and a barbecue grill drops into the counter.

Custom outdoor kitchens are constructed from long-lasting, weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel, brick, stone, tile, and stucco. The design possibilities for these kitchens are limited only by your budget. You can create almost any size and shape and specify any of the many amenities and materials.

4 Steps to Make Your Own Custom Outdoor Kitchen

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Measure, Plan, Dream

Our designers at H2Oasis are eager to help you design your dream outdoor kitchen that is perfect for you and your space.

Custom grill items

Pick Your Components

Custom-designed to fit kitchen elements from the brand of your choosing. Select from grills, cooking items, drawers, and bar accessories.

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Customize Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Choose from over 25 outdoor-rated powder coat finishes for your outdoor kitchen base,  drawers and doors, and even your countertop. Choose from over 35 stone/wood bases to match your unique space.

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Throw some steaks on the grill, add some ice to the bar, and have your family and friends to see your dream kitchen. 

Our Components



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Twin Eagles comes complete with grills, side burners, drawers, doors, and other complementary products and accessories for built-in outdoor kitchens. The spirit of innovation at Twin Eagles is pushed by the distinct feeling that the outdoor kitchen trend is a long way from slowing down

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At Delta Heat, defining the art of outdoor cooking is one of our specialties. First, choosing the right Grill and accessories for the perfect backyard entertainment center is fundamental. Then, add a personal touch to your outdoor kitchen to reflect your unique lifestyle. With exclusive geometric shapes, contoured angles, and highly polished accents, every kitchen is an intriguing blend of modernist design and traditional elegance. 

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With over 50 years of expertise and knowledge in top-quality metal fabrication, we are ready to create the ultimate weatherproof outdoor kitchen for you. Outdoor kitchen kits are the perfect addition to your patio, deck, or backyard to enhance your outdoor living experience. Whether you need a small kitchen island or a completely custom outdoor kitchen design, we are ready to bring your fantasy to life.

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We’re pleased to offer a variety of quality products designed that are built in the USA. This means we can ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and deliver your finished pieces in a short amount of time. Choose from one of our pre-designed Coastal kitchen kits that fit your space and start entertaining right away. These kits are the ideal choice if you are looking for a hassle-free option that requires zero assemblies. We’ve covered all the basics to create a kitchen unit complete with a countertop ready to use when it arrives at your door.

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