Make Your Own Custom Fireplace Doors

Make Your Own Custom Fireplace Doors

Make Your Custom Fireplace Doors
There are standard fireplace doors and customized fireplace doors. For more than 50 years, we’ve specialized in custom items. There are so many alternatives for your fireplace door that most people aren’t even aware of them. Here’s a short rundown of the several ways you may personalize your fireplace door.

We have five collections to choose from, with something to suit every taste.

Traditional: Timeless designs that work in practically any situation.

Rustic: Handcrafted and welded look with unique embellishments and patterns

Contemporary: For the modern space, clean lines and simple designs are ideal.

Standard sizes and choices provide the same level of quality at a lesser cost.

Legacy is a selection of the industry’s highest-quality aluminum doors.

There are several styles to pick from within each collection. Please take a look at the Manhattan-style from our Modern Collection. Take note of all the options available within this one design.

Let’s have a look at some of the unique choices you have.



Frame Style

doors fireplace stoll

Rectangle frames are the most common style. Every Stoll door is available in this shape.

Arch styles are custom-built to fit the opening of your arched fireplace

Arch conversion doors give your rectangular fireplace the look of an arched fireplace.

If you have a corner, L-shaped, see-thru, or 3-sided fireplace, we can create the door you need



Window Pane Options

For a truly custom look, choose an optional decorative design to enhance the look of your glass fireplace doors.

TIP:  Find available options under Custom Components on our fireplace door pages.



Mesh Screens

It would be best if you left tto leavee doors open when burning wood unless you use specialist glass. Sparks and embers are contained by a mesh screen, which protects children, pets, and your property. We have a variety of styles to pick from.




A trained artisan applies all of our finishes. Our basic finishes are powder coats, which provide a long-lasting, robust finish.

Our premium finishes are developed using a two-step, hand-finished technique that produces a one-of-a-kind look. For an extra cost, premium finishes are available.

Our overlay coatings offer a high-end look at a reasonable price. With this alternative finish option, you may look at brass, copper, brass, and more.




Door Inserts

Did you know that you may have an insert other than the clear glass in your fireplace door? To help hide the firebox, use colorful glass. If you want to burn with the fireplace doors closed, pyro ceramic glass is a good option. Instead of glass, you may use a perforated or wire mesh insert.

Pyro Ceramic Glass

Handles & Hinges

You may even personalize the hardware on your fireplace door. There are ten distinct styles to pick from. You may even choose your hinge type on some door types. The form of the hinge, while seemingly insignificant, can significantly influence the overall design.


Let’s Get Started

You may be feeling overwhelmed now that you’ve seen all of the fantastic alternatives available. Don’t be concerned! Our Showroom is ready to assist you in building your dream Fireplace door.   Our team is prepared to serve you with locations around Michigan.

For nearly 50 years, we’ve been creating metal things for the home. We’re excited to help you develop your vision.

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