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Masonry Fireplace Doors, Zero Clearance Doors, and Wall Systems

There is no better time for a roaring fire than when the weather turns windy, and these sophisticated fireplace decorations may transform your hearth into a comforting and fashionable setting. These fireside necessities give everything you need to keep your flames bright, your air smoke-free, and your hearth safe. Discover our best fireplace accessories, including screens, hearth rugs, log holders, fire starters, and matches.



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Masonry Fireplaces Doors

Custom, handcrafted glass fireplace doors are intended to boost safety and efficiency while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any fireplace. With more than 50 years of expertise in the fireplace industry, our third-generation business is dedicated to providing high-quality products and superior customer service. Stoll Industries offers fireplace doors that are compatible with all types of wood-burning and gas fireplaces, including masonry and direct vent. On prefabricated fireplaces, we also offer a refacing option that combines beautiful louvers to hide the ventilation apertures.

Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors

H2oasis provides premium Glass Doors for Zero Clearance (ZC) Fireplaces as an upgrade replacement for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) doors or screens and is renowned for its quality, style, and longevity. With five Collections to pick from, there are countless options to replace your stock “factory-built” doors with a fireplace enclosure of the highest quality. Each Collection is custom-made to match your brand of prefabricated fireplace, with correct “airflow” given in a variety of methods to guarantee that our doors fulfill the manufacturer’s ventilation criteria.

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Wall Systems

Decorative wall cladding is extremely adaptable and may be shaped to fit the aesthetic of any space or environment. These systems are most commonly employed to adorn the areas around fireplaces, but they are also frequently utilized as accent walls in a variety of settings. The best part about it is that the one-of-a-kind mounting technique makes installation easy, especially when placing it over brick.


All Products include…

Continuous Heat

A gas fireplace, unlike a log fireplace, provides consistent heat.

Energy Savings

A gas fireplace can help you save up to 25% on your energy costs.

No Cleaning

There are no ashes to clean up or sweep up because you are not using firewood. A wood fireplace must be cleaned.

Environmentally Friendly

A gas fireplace is good for the environment because no fumes are released into the air, and it is a wise investment for the future.

Good for Kids

A gas fireplace is safer for children and pets because it is controlled and there are no flying sparks or flames.


Gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs, and they can add value to your home. 

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