drip irrigation

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top four irrigation techniques

Why do you need Drip Irrigation?  The top six reasons homeowners are installing Drip Systems:

  1. Over-spray on homes & buildings, windows, fencing, and walkways.
  2. Drip irrigation is far more water-conserving than sprinklers. In general, drip applications use 30% – 70% less water than an overhead irrigation system and plants grow to maturity about 50% faster.
  3. Drip-line is the quickest and easiest way to install irrigation for shrub beds, narrow strips, or areas bordering buildings, walls, walkways, and streets.
  4. Protects your house and walkways from any iron-related staining.
  5. Improved plant growth makes plants fuller and healthier.
  6. Easy watering for hard-to-reach hanging baskets, flowerpots, and window boxes.