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Why do you need Drip Irrigation?  The top six reasons homeowners are installing Drip Systems:

  1. Over-spray on homes & buildings, windows, fencing and walk-ways.
  2. Drip irrigation is far more water-conserving than sprinklers. In general, drip applications use 30% – 70% less water than an overhead irrigation system and plants grow to maturity about 50% faster.
  3. Drip-line is the quickest and easiest way to install irrigation for shrub beds, narrow strips or areas bordering buildings, walls, walkways and streets.
  4. Protects your house and walkways from any iron related staining.
  5. Improved plant growth makes plants fuller and healthier.
  6. Easy watering for hard to reach hanging baskets, flower pots and window boxes.

Drip irrigation, also referred to a drip, dripline, subsurface or low volume irrigation, is the process of delivering precise amounts of water and nutrients directly to the plant’s root zone, drop by drop, offering users exact irrigation control and efficient use of limited water resources.

Drip irrigation systems are designed for placement in both, new, existing landscapes and vegetable gardens. They are also ideal for installation in difficult terrains such as on slopes, oddly shaped areas, and sites with high winds. Drip irrigation can be used on shrubs, groundcovers, trees, flower beds, vegetable gardens, perennials, pots and containers. It can also be installed in living walls, rooftop gardens and vertical plantings.

Water Efficiency: By applying water only where and when it is needed, with less runoff and evaporation from leaves and soil, the uniform application of water from drip irrigation systems can achieve high water savings.