Arched Fireplace Doors

Arched Fireplace Doors

For millennia, the arch design has been used. It was utilized by the Romans as a symbol for military successes, as well as a utilitarian engineering part. Today, we can see how this enticing design element has found its way into houses, including the much-loved arched fireplace.

When it comes time to replace this distinctive fireplace design, homeowners want to know that it will be a great fit and style.

Fireplace doors are custom-built by Stoll Industries to accommodate any fireplace shape. We can guarantee a precise fit for your bespoke fireplace door thanks to our template method. This new door has the potential to drastically modify the appearance of your fireplace. It’s a terrific method to add both beauty and practicality to an arching fireplace that doesn’t have doors. If you already have a fireplace door, consider replacing it with a new glass fireplace door or even a fireplace screen to refresh the look.

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Arched fireplaces are available in a variety of designs and sizes. That’s why finding a company that can custom create a door that is guaranteed to fit is so crucial. For nearly 50 years, Stoll Industries has been handcrafting unique metal goods for the home. Stoll Fireplace was founded in 1969 to meet a specific requirement. We’d be delighted to tell you more. Here is a link to our video.

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Here’s a list of some of the Stoll collections that are available in an arched fireplace frame style. If you do not see exactly what you want, discuss it with your Stoll dealer. Remember, custom requests are our specialty!

Bar Iron: Versatile and traditional

Inline: Clean, recessed style

Inset: Flush, minimalist fit

Aged Iron: Rustic, hand-finished patina

Forged Iron: Rugged beauty

Flat Hammer: Natural, raw, hammered

Blacksmith: Charming look of days gone by

Old World: Distressed, old-world look

Industrial: Exposed and raw

TotalView: Modern flare

Stainless: Contemporary for both indoor and outdoor use


We are confident that no matter what form of design you want for your arched fireplace, we will be able to provide you with a solution. All of our doors and screens come in a range of finishes and may be further customized with a multitude of choices (find out more)!

Consider our arch conversion doors if you don’t have an arched fireplace but like the smooth, flowing lines of the arch design feature. This design creates the appearance of an arching fireplace in your rectangle fireplace.


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