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Empyre Elite

Empyre Elite indoor wood boilers deliver all the comfort and convenience of conventional furnaces while protecting the environment for the next generation to enjoy. Elite furnaces combine high efficiency heating technology and low emission smoke-free combustion with a readily accessible and renewable fuel to make wood the heating choice of the future. Click here to download a brochure!


How it Works

Empyre Elite uses a process called wood gasification to produce highly efficient combustion in the furnace’s dual burn chambers. Wood in the firebox burns from the bottom up, drying the top layer of wood in the firebox and pushing gases and exhaust into the lower burn chamber. In the lower chamber, temperatures as high as 2000o F burn off all the gases. The fire brick lining in both burn chambers absorbs the heat and maintains burn chamber temperatures for consistent combustion. This high temperature gasification significantly lowers emissions, prevents creosote buildup, and minimizes ash buildup in the furnace. After passing through the burn chamber, exhaust air is forced through multiple flues running through the water jacket, heating the water quickly and efficiently.

Simple Operation & Maintenance

Empyre Elite is a revolution in indoor wood heating systems. It operates best with large diameter logs a few inches shorter than the length of the firebox, so there is no need to split wood or cut it into short lengths. The wide loading door makes loading quick and simple. With new clean-burning technology, the Empyre Elite does most of the work - combustion and cleaning. When necessary, ash is easily swept from the lower burn chamber into the furnace width ash pan. The Elite’s Easy Flue design and the flue cleaning rod (included) makes sweeping out the flues a quick and simple process. The Empyre Elite is easy to integrate into practically any home’s existing heating system. It can be installed into a 5” or 6” chimney liner and connects to floor heat or existing duct work with an air to air heat exchanger.

 Off the Grid

Give yourself ultimate flexibility with the Empyre Elite. Wood is a local, renewable, economical and easily accessible fuel in many regions, making it an ideal replacement for imported non-renewable fossil fuels. Quadri-Fuel Equipped with oil, gas, and electric backup options allow you to easily transition from one fuel to another based on cost and convenience. You can also set your furnace to switch from wood to a backup fuel when you plan to be away for a few days.